nishant chhajer

Dr. Nishant Chhajer

Transplant Expert

Hair fall and baldness is one of most common problem in present modern world. Person feels low and depressed due to baldness. If treated in time once hairs start thinning and falling, it can be prevented for years. Many treatment options are there for this, eg. Nutrition, Vitamins and hair growth factors, dermaroller therapy, PRP therapy, mesotherapy, medicated oils, medicines etc.

Once baldness has appeared best and permanent solution is hair transplant. Hair transplant gives you 100% natural hairs which grows. Treatment is costeffective in long term. You can comb, colour and style these transplanted hairs. Usually these transplanted hairs last more than 80 to 90 years of age.These can be useful in more than 60% and can prevent baldness for years.

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Contact No: +91 9560530607

Education: MBBS, MS, MCH.

Experience:Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon,

Expertise: Hair transplant and hair treatment specialist

sajit korenge lama

Mr. Sajit Korenge Lama

Hair Styling & Bonding Expert

He is an Ex-Berkowits trained in U.K. and having more than 15 years of experience in Hair Bonding Industry and treated many Celebrities,Politicians,TV Anchors & Journalist.Almost 600 clients are associated with him on regular basis and styled more than 5000 individuals,he is leading hair stylist in industry.