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Hair Bonding is a kind of temporary hair weaving method. Apart from adding volume, the procedure also mixes color to the natural hair. The extra hair is chosen after checking its colour, density and curl/wave match with the existing hair. Consultation is very vital as people have different expectations. The procedure is easy and involves simple steps. The first step is to take the sample hair to match the natural hair. It is then arranged and fixed to the scalp within the natural hair to deliver the best result as per the patient’s expectations.
We, Sajit Hair Studio offers the best Hair Bonding service. In this technique slight modification is done where instead of tying the patch with the original hairs specially designed clips are attached to the patch. These patches can be clipped on to the original hair and removed, if not necessary. We use modern technology which is a painless and non-surgical procedure providing quick remedy with no side effects, promising complete satisfaction to our esteemed clients. These hairs bonding technique is gaining popularity among both men and women. We provide these services at a nominal price range and gained popularity as a title of being the most reputed hair bonding solution provider.

Points of interest of Hair Bonding:-

  • Low Price (principally)
  • Prompt result method
  • Non surgical agenda of achievement
  • Snatch new look
  • Used ordinary hair adornments like cleanser, oil, serum and so forth
  • Create any hairstyling along volume
  • 100% ensured upshot
  • No reactions
  • Very much prepared hair master group
  • Experienced non surgical hair holding master squad
  • Solidness and healthy infrastructural focus
  • Existing on both male and additionally female
  • Conceal any review of male pattern baldness

Burdens of Hair Bonding:-

  • Require visit subsequent meet-ups
  • Not Permanent arrangement of hair sparseness
  • Utilized just marked cleanser, spa or hair adornments
  • Utilized not ordinary brush just crevice level brush
  • Set aside more opportunity for shampooing
  • Continuously cognizant with respect to their look
  • Not take cutting on hair stylist salon
  • Visit each month hair holding focus
  • Set aside opportunity to do administrations
  • Cost of upkeep each visit

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