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It is a non-surgical procedure that uses natural remy hair plain-woven to the scalp to provide additional thickness and canopy hairlessness. the extra hair is adscititious to the scalp directly. the additional hair is chosen as long as it matches with the present. The hair is hooked up through totally different procedures like hair bonding, tree braiding, fusion, pursuit and tree braiding. Lace extension could be a latest technique among all.

The procedure of hair weaving is additionally called hair integration. the extra hair is woven to the basis area of the patient’s hair. It provides a natural look to the plain-woven hair. A longer, thicker and instant hair is that the outcome of hair weaving procedure. A extremely skilful skilled will only do the procedure guaranteeing zero fall out. Hair weaving procedure is appropriate for each men and women of all kinds of hair. ability and adaptability are the main benefits of hair weaving procedure. Like natural hair, it may be shampooed, oiled, comb and tied in any style.

Although each men and women suffer from hair loss, it's a lot of pronounced in men who are suffering from baldness. whereas they will retain all the hair within the back and sides of their head, areas that are genetically proof against hairless, they lose most or all of the hair on the highest of their heads.
While several absorb their stride, being mentally prepared for the genetic catastrophe, it doesn't go down well for celebrities and film personalities. They either cowl their heads with costly hats, bandanas etc. or resort to costlier solutions.

Although hair transplant procedures are catching up quick, they're quite expensive and the forte of celebrities who will afford it and for whom a receding hair line can have black effects on their career. Hair transplant is achieved by FUE, FUT techniques besides the use of extremely specialised robots.

Another different is hair weaving that is quicker and prices less. Hair weaving may be performed by non-medical personnel and different service suppliers within the field. the method involves the addition of human or artificial hair to bald areas of scalp or to a person’s natural hair.
Human hair is procured from various sources, cleaned and processed before being sold-out by the lucrative hair business. The person going for a hair weave will decide the hair kind reckoning on his/her own hair. The person also can choose the sort of styling.

The weaving techniques are netting, fusion, bonding, tracking, lace extensions and small braiding to call a couple of. The technique helps patients affected by baldness particularly if there's intensive hairless as in alopecia totalis.

Advantages of Natural Hair Weaving:–

• Low Cost (at first)
• Trouble free support
• On the spot final product
• 100% safe and sound procedure
• Seize whichever haircut along hair length
• No deformation, sew up
• Can continue ordinary exercises along immerse in games also
• Non-surgical technique
• Have experienced hairdresser
• Trained Professional Hair Style
• Wealthy framework
• Can be perform by therapeutic calling specialists and Non medicinal hair specialists
• Absolutely common upshot
• Guaranteed result

Disadvantages of Hair Weaving:-

• Non developing hairs
• Impose consistent administrations
• Employed marked cleanser and hair adornments
• Worn just level brush
• Non sticky hair serum can bring into play
• After some traverse of period need shading on these supplementary hairs
• Always cognizant with respect to haircut
• take mind converging of both hairs

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